Meet Andrew

The son of public school teachers and a father of three, Andrew represents the new generation of leadership that Oregon and America so desperately need.

As a lawyer with a state branch of the ACLU, Andrew used the power of the courts, the legislature, and mass protest to fight for justice and equality for all.

Andrew spent years in government developing solutions on a range of public policy issues, from combating climate change and making housing more affordable, to economic development, criminal justice reform, and transportation equity.

He launched a program to bring volunteer students to Head Start centers to instill a love of
reading and to provide low-income kids with books of their own that they could bring home and read time and time again.

Andrew represented domestic violence survivors in family court, people with disabilities seeking Social Security benefits, recently laid off workers fighting big business for unemployment benefits, and incarcerated individuals as they fought for justice behind bars.

He’s also taken on big insurance companies that defrauded consumers and defended the rights of all Americans to due process and a fair trial.

Andrew served on Boards of the City Club of Eugene and Portland and as co-chair of the South Willamette Valley Chapter of the Technology Association of Oregon. Andrew was a founding member of the PDX Chapter of Braver Angels, as well as a co-chair of the Portland Committee on Community-Engaged Policing.

Andrew and his spouse, Jenna Adams-Kalloch, reside in Eugene, and are the proud parents of Selma, Leona, and Hamilton Adams-Kalloch, who are fifth generation residents of the Southern Willamette Valley.

Andrew is a marathon runner, a diner breakfast enthusiast, and is eagerly attempting to share his love of cooking with his kids.