A New Direction for Oregon

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Andrew Kalloch is the son of public school teachers with a background dedicated to always fighting for people – as a civil rights attorney at the ACLU, as a policy director in government, and in business.

When Andrew Kalloch met his wife Jenna, he knew they would put down roots and raise a family together near where she grew up in Pleasant Hill. Since returning to Oregon in 2016, they’ve been blessed to bring three kids into the world – Selma, Leona, and Hamilton – who are fifth generation residents of the Southern Willamette Valley.

Andrew and Jenna’s story is rooted in Oregon. They believe in this great state, but they quickly learned that the place of her youth – which instilled in her the values of hard work, character, and a love of the outdoors – was increasingly becoming unaffordable for so many families, young and old.

The cost of housing, daycare, education, medicine, even food, are all rising, causing too many Oregonians to worry if they can stay here, or if their kids would someday be able to raise a family of their own. Like many young families, Andrew and Jenna couldn’t afford to pay off their student loans until their mid-30s, further compounding the challenges that so many people face every day.

The climate crisis is already having severe impacts on our environment, our economy, and our way of life. Oregon’s schools rank near the bottom, and old jobs keep disappearing with no plan for the future. This part of Oregon, especially, is falling behind.

One thing is clear – Oregon desperately needs new energy and new leadership.

Andrew Kalloch is the leader Oregon needs now to address the urgent crisis of climate change, the lack of affordable housing, the rising cost of healthcare, and the need for an economy of opportunity that works for everyone, in every community. As the next Congressman from Oregon’s 4th District, Andrew will work tirelessly towards a new vision that brings people together to solve problems and improve lives. That means building a 21st century economy, creating the very best public schools and job training programs, protecting our natural resources, water and air for generations to come, defending our Democracy and a woman’s right to choose, and cutting through the political rhetoric in D.C. to get things done for all of us.

Andrew Kalloch understands what families are going through – because he’s living it. He will fight every day to improve the lives of every family in Oregon.